Retail Banking

Bank of America, San Francisco, CA                   1980–1986
Systems Architecture Manager

Managed team, which developed Retail Banking Systems (RBS) architecture for Bank of America. The RBS comprised all the real time services provided by the retail bank.

Developed POS systems and prototypes. Worked with ARCO, Lucky Stores, and equipment vendors. Worked with senior managers at Bank of America and all of these organizations.

Chairman of Security Committee for the Interlink debit card switch, which is now owned by VISA.  This consisted of senior managers from each of the other four Interlink banks and myself, representing Bank of America. As part of this, I evaluated encryption techniques and established PIN encryption requirements for POS terminals. This involved working with many of the leading encryption experts in the US. For this position, I was on loan to Interlink and reported directly to the CEO of Interlink.

Managed Security Architecture group. Developed information security architecture for Bank of America and Interlink online POS network. This involved working with all of the leading POS terminal manufacturers and cryptology experts to mesh what the state of the art in cryptology was with the state of the art in POS terminal design. I was also responsible for developing specifications for the first gas station POS pilot in the world, working with ARCO. I worked with Lucky Stores on designing their grocery store POS pilot, working with IBM grocery store POS systems. This was the first such pilot in the world.

Managed team responsible for operating software research and development. This team analyzed, procured, and implemented new software for IBM mainframe computers. This team also worked with IBM to build a working prototype for a new Retail Banking System for Bank of America using IBM branch banking systems, which were closely related to IBM’s .grocery store POS systems.

First National Bank of SC, Columbia, S.C.                   1973-1980
Chief Technology Officer 

This is now part of Wachovia Bank.

Worked with developers, vendors, and executive management on critical business initiatives. Key projects were making newly acquired IBM systems “work like a well-oiled machine;” and establishing ATM, Customer Information Management (CIM), and Loan systems. Reported to CIO.

Managed technology and the acquisition of new technology. Managed technical support, systems programming and telecommunications.

Was a Member of the American Banker’s Association Bank Card Standards and PIN Security Committees.

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