Bank of America Systems Engineering POS Unit

The Point of Sale Unit was responsible for technical coordination of the bank's entry into the Point of Sale business and supported implementation of projects involving several hundred technicians and formulation of business strategy.  The department reported to the Executive Vice President and chief information officer and made significant accomplishments for the Bank of America in the following areas:

Designed and implemented, in cooperation with counterparts from other member banks, the technical and operational structure of Interlink, a five bank network for authorizing and clearing POS transactions that has become the leading organization in this field with annual transaction volumes of $5 billion. Interlink is now a part of Visa.

Directed the design and implementation of a state-of-the art, multi-vendor wireless POS prototype that has subsequently been the model for a number of commercial installations.

Directed a profit improvement project of bank card charge-back practices that produced annual savings of $500 thousand, and implemented a new merchant bank card pricing algorithm and computer model that contributed to a 17% increase in profitability.