Interlink is America’s largest online point-of-sale network as reported by ATM & Debit News, March 2006

With more than 1.4 million merchant locations, Interlink is one of the easiest ways to make those everyday purchases and get cash back in large cities and small towns across America. Interlink makes your ATM card work at the point of sale—withdrawing the necessary funds directly from your checking account—all with the security of using your private PIN code.

Why I Should Use Interlink

Interlink is the perfect solution when time is in short supply. If your errand list is longer than the hours available, the Interlink network can help. By speeding you through checkout lines, Interlink ensures that you spend your time on things you want to do—not fumbling for cash or waiting on check approvals.

Interlink may already be available on your ATM card, so there's nothing more to put in your wallet, no complicated procedures to follow, and—when you request cash back—no extra trips to the ATM. And because Interlink is the largest national online point-of-sale network, your ATM card works at more than a million merchants all over the country.

Where I Can Use Interlink

Interlink is generally available wherever PIN pads are present in grocery, retail, warehouse, drug, and video stores, as well as gas stations—all the places you do your daily shopping. Your Interlink enabled ATM card is accepted in all 50 states and at over 1.4 million merchant locations.

How to Use Interlink

When you’re ready to quickly check out, just use your ATM card.
At the register, swipe your card through the reader, select “debit”, and enter your PIN code.
At some merchants, you may also request cash back.
When a final total is ready, you approve the amount to be paid directly from your checking account. You will receive confirmation that your transaction is approved and a receipt detailing your transaction.