UUNET, a MCI company, founded in 1987 and acquired by MCI in 1996, is well known today for its comprehensive range of Internet communications solutions for business customers. UUNET's award-winning network-based services are now offered as part of MCI's global portfolio, where customers will continue to benefit from the same innovative spirit and excellence fostered by UUNET.

MCI continues to nurture and grow the entrepreneurial spirit shown in the remarkable number of industry firsts captured under the UUNET brand, including:

The first to reach each significant higher Internet backbone access speed level, from a T-1 (1.544 Mbps) in 1993 up to the current 10 Gbps OC-192c level.

In 2000, became the first ISP to deliver enhanced Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for business services.

In 1999, became the first to introduce global IP-based VPN services.

In 1998, became the first ISP to offer commercial DSL services.

In 1996, UUNET formed a Web Hosting business unit and became the first ISP to offer hosting services.

In 1996, became the first ISP to offer Extranet VPNs.

In 1995, became the first ISP to be operated profitably.

In 1994, designed and installed the first dedicated multi-point IP VPN Service.

In 1992, developed the first commercial application-layer firewall services for IP Networks.

In 1988, sold the first commercial connection to the Internet.

In 1987, became the first business ISP with a backbone network.