Real Time Trading

The first Bank of America Real Time Trading (RTT) System was built by David Marshak of the Bank of America Capital markets Research and Development Department. It worked with BAMTRAC and WANDA's predecessor MicroWire and handled all of the FX trading for BAMTRAC and MicroWire customers. This software still creates all of the FX rates for all BAMTRAC and WANDA customers.

Bank of America's global network guarantees that trading members have access to a local banking presence. Because this international presence allows for real-time banking, The GTX can give its members credit for any transaction. "The GTX has established a worldwide standard for online trading of telecom capacity," said Ed Braniff, CFO of The GTX. "This partnership with Bank of America is an important component of maintaining a consistent global standard."

The BAMTRAC system and the WANDA system work in conjunction with The GTX's Virtual Real Time Exchange (VRTX). VRTX is an online trading platform that allows trading members to buy and sell wholesale minutes and bandwidth-intensive applications in real-time. Trades are made using VRTX technology, and all money movement is accomplished through Bank of America's worldwide network. The BAMTRAC system tracks all incoming VRTX information, and the WANDA system transfers funds.

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