Bank of America Capital Markets

Bank of America, San Francisco, CA              1987-2003
Vice President and Technical Manager  

I retired from Bank of America, with full benefits, in August 2003, to develop Marshak Associates West.

I have extensive experience managing all sizes of projects at Bank of America. This includes managing projects where all the staff reported to me and matrix managing projects involving 50 to 100 people. It includes software development projects and technology infrastructure projects.

I have extensive experience doing sizings, prioritizing, and managing resources for projects on the Real Time Trading (RTT)  queue. I worked on budgeting, managed RTT deliverables, and negotiated issues for all joint Foreign Exchange and Treasury Management projects related to RTT.

I invented and managed development of a SQL Server 2000 System to replace  RTT software.

I was chief architect and project manager for the RTT system which lets corporate treasury departments do foreign exchange payments at their site. This system uses an interconnected network of robot and server computers. Bank of America has 2700 corporate customers all over the world who use this service and does about a billion dollars a day in FX deals through this system. I was in charge of all aspects of this from its creation in 1987. This includes working with senior business managers, developing prototypes, managing developers, and working with diverse units all over the world. This complex of systems uses C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Java, SQL Server, Reuters, TIBCO, MQ series, Oracle, TCP/IP, MCI UUNET MWAN, and X.25.

In 2001 and 2002, I was responsible, among other things, for managing the project to convert the front end communication environment for 2,400 major corporate customers who use the Real Time Trading (RTT) system, on a world-wide basis, from MCI's Tymnet to MCI's UUNET. Just the final testing and cutover for this involved over 50 people world-wide. The cutover for the 2,400 customers I was responsible for completed months ahead of schedule and went so smoothly that none of the customers realized we had changed anything.

In 2001 and 2002, evaluated, chose, and managed the introduction and use of Rational Unified Process for Bank of America Capital Markets Systems in SF. We used this to generate code as well as to work out the details of business requirements and document them.

Developed software system to distribute all FX rates for all Bank of America branches in the United States, which went live on the first day of the year folowing the Bank of America and Nations Bank merger. This system created rates for all retail FX sales and sent rates to all of the Nations Bank legacy systems fom its prior mergers.

Managed Derivative Systems Department, which developed backend accounting and management reporting systems for Derivatives Trading. We used JAD, RAD, and prototyping technologies to meet the needs of the business in an environment where new products were continually being developed and time was of the essence. This Department was responsible for integrating back office derivatives processing after the Security Pacific and  Continental Bank mergers.

Developed and managed RTT extensions to support an FX Trading System developed by Dene, which permitted customers to do trades with Bank of America's London FX Trading Room, using RTT rates.

Managed development of back end database processing for Bank of America’s first web-based trading system using Microsoft SQL Server and Visual Basic.

Developed software for Allocating Bond Issues.

In 1990, built Pagetalker publish/subscribe server in C and C++ for use by RTT customers worldwide in doing real time FX deals with up to the minute rates. Built C utilities for creating and checking MACs and other message security related tasks. This was built using the first release of IBM OS/2 and Microsoft LAN Manager. It and RTT software that went with it were completed on time for installation at Weyerhauser.

In 1987, as part of the Capital Markets Research and Development Department, built a system of connected computers which models the work that is done by a Retail Foreign Exchange Advisor in a Trading Room. This system eliminated the need for Retail Advisors and created new positions to manage Real Time Trading (RTT) system. This involved working with electronic rate feeds and building complex databases with currency and rate information. As project manager and developer, I reported directly to the head of Bank of America’s principal Foreign Exchange Trading Room. This involved developing requirements and proposals, making reports on progress to senior management, and development of complex new features to meet tight delivery dates that were committed to important business customers. We made extensive use of RAD and prototyping technology. A new Department, reporting to the world-wide head of FX Trading at Bank of America. was created to market this system. It was installed in all of the major California branches of Bank of America and at Continental Airlines in Houston and Getty Trust in Los Angeles. GettyTrust was a new customer for Bank of America's Century City Branch, which became one in order to use the Real Time Trading (RTT) system prototype, which I personally invented and developed.

Working with  Prebon, developed Software for Interest Rate Transferable Cash Hedge trading instrument.

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